About The Spiritual Studio


The Spiritual Studio was founded by the expert, Samantha Francis after spending over 15 years in the spiritual industry and not liking what she saw. She experienced clients who were coming to her in tears over thoughtless readings. She herself, experienced readers who told her the most abhorrent things and she became fed up with how tarnished the industry was becoming due to disempowering experiences, uncaring conduct and a lack of basic yet fundamental key pillars for readings.

 As a natural psychic herself and someone who hid her gifts away for years out of fear of judgement and shame, she took it upon herself to step out of fear and accept and use her gifts from a place of integrity, honour and care for her clients. She supported introverted intuitives for years and, after being inspired to expand herself and others further, she then decided she would lead others to do the same to pave the way for change in the industry on a wider scale by founding The Spiritual Studio London.

She believes that by teaching how to read professionally, with integrity and with exceptional client care, students can empower their clients, empower their client's clients and in turn, empower themselves.

This creates a flow of positive energy for everyone we connect with and she believes the world needs more of this.

Ultimately, it all starts with us! 

Samantha believes every one of us should have a set of standards and values and the same should apply to businesses so The Spiritual Studio is no exception.