Work As A Professional Telephone Psychic Course

Are you EXHAUSTED with the income rollercoaster and uncertainty of when your money will be coming in next? 

Are you fed up with worrying about how you will pay for basic items such as shopping, bills, school trips or essentials for your business to move forward?

YES? Then read on!


Imagine if...

*You could easily access clients and money 24/7 just by lifting up the phone to pay for that unexpected bill AND support clients all over the world who need your guidance?

*You could earn when and how you like to pay for the dream holiday you would like to take your family on?

*You could work around your family, earn an additional income and financially support your growing business?

How amazing would that feel? 

No stress/pressure or high anxiety! 

How different would YOU feel?

This is for you if...

You feel you have an intuitive gift, want to share it with the world AND are looking for an additional way to earn money easily from the comfort of your sofa without the hard work of selling or chasing clients.

For Example :

*People who are starting or building their own businesses(such as coaches, holistic therapists, healers etc) and are frustrated with the income rollercoaster and want a stable and consistent additional income stream

*Mums with children wishing to earn some valuable extra money from home

*People made redundant and looking to re-start their career

*People looking for a stop-gap job, perfect as an extra source of income while seeking other professional graduates etc

*Perhaps you have retired or have taken early retirement and wish to start earning some extra money for the future

*People who may have social anxiety or have had a period of illness and feel more comfortable working from home at their own pace, are open to engaging with others on the telephone and seeking a job that is tailored to their lifestyle/wellbeing

*People needing extra money for a specific project, ie. a saving deposit for a house, school trip money, a personal life change - and are simply looking to engage with a job with minimal setup and maximum reward, to use for as long as you need it, whether that be on a temporary basis or long term

A sneak peek of a few things you will learn in the jam packed course with over 15 years worth of experience and knowledge:

Plus so much more!


Q. I cannot afford the full amount- do you have payment plans?

A. We are partnered with where you can access payment plans between 3-12 months but we can assure you that once you get access to the platforms- you WILL make your return on investment!

Q. How much can I earn online and how often do I have to log on when I access the platforms?

A. Once you pass, you have earning potential of anything between £10-£24 per hour. How much you earn will be dependent on when you are available but you choose your hours and the flexibility of it can suit any lifestyle!  Put it this way, if you receive an unexpected bill on Monday, you can easily log on that Monday evening and start earning to pay it.

Q. How do I know I will pass? 

A. Unfortunately the failure rate is extremely high on these platforms and this is why our course is so special. We will equip you with everything you need to pass platform tests that you get access to for life however on the rare occasion that you do not pass, we will support you with complimentary personal mentorship but please remember, it will require work and effort on your side too!

Q. What do I receive during and after the course?

A. You will receive over 30 jam-packed hours of personal mentorship and tutor time along with having lots of live practice to ensure you are reading at a professional level. You will also receive your manual, accredited and insured certificate of passing and you will also be invited to join the Federation of psychic, spiritual and holistic professionals where you will receive continued support for your business whilst adding credibility to your business

Are you ready to step out as a confident, professional reader AND earn a consistent additional stream of income from home?

YES? Then we would love to support you by getting you there SUPER FAST!

Our next online live 30 hr course starts at 9.30 am on 25/04/22 and is only £799 (remember- you will be working within days of the course)

Click HERE to reserve your seat-only 5 spaces are available

Need a payment plan? No problem!

Click HERE to go to our partners, REED, where you will be given a variety of payment plan options ranging between 3-12 months!

PLUS! fun, live practice and personal mentorship from your tutor! 

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